Advanced, Effective, All-Natural Bio-based & Eco-Friendly products (100% Canadian made) for Treatment, Cleaning, Rinsing and Odor Removal in septic tanks, holding tanks and toilet bowls in RVs, boats, marine & portable toilets. No toxic and harmful chemicals and safe for septic systems and plumbing pipes, waste water treatment, cesspools and pump stations.

Our Mission is to solve many of the world’s waste problems with eco-friendly, all natural, and patented enzymes and micro-organisms. Septicsol was born over 10 years ago, when Dr.Bob, a world-renowned Canadian microbiologist with a specialty in natural enzymes, formulated a 100% eco-friendly septic and wastewater treatment.


Septicsol is a blend of unique bacteria and enzymes which are carefully selected after several years of research and field trials. SepticSol is non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable, safe for septic systems, plumbing pipes and the environment.


Our team provides R&D, tech transfer, licensing, manufacturing, and consulting in areas of eco-friendly organic products and services for environmental, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications. Our team also works in close partnership with customers worldwide to formulate custom-made products exactly fitting their needs for numerous domestic and industrial applications.

We are a passionate group of entrepreneurs led by a global leader in the field of micro-organisms and enzymes. Our mission is to revolutionize the way waste is treated all over the world – not to mention build the future in a way that contributes to people’s health and well-being for many generations to come.