Full instructions are provided on the label of each Septicsol product and must be followed according to the application it is used for; be it for septic tanks, holding tanks in RVs and boats or portable toilets, cesspools, pump stations and water treatment systems.
For septic tanks to perform effectively and at its highest efficiency, maintenance doses are required, as each treatment adds billions of new and fresh enzymes. Furthermore, each maintenance dose helps maintain the existing population of indigenous & naturally occurring enzymes and micro-organisms.
NO, it does NOT contain any harsh or toxic chemicals, formaldehyde or phosphates. Several years of research and field study have resulted in a carefully selected blend of proprietary bacteria and enzymes.
Septicsol is safe for use in septic tanks, holding tanks of RVs, marine and portable toilets. They are safe to store and easy to handle. ATTENTION: Please ensure that you use dry hands when handling Septicsol pouches as the wrapping is water-soluble and therefore sensitive to moisture and wetness. Please read fully each product label for proper handling and storage. As in all cleaning products, keep Septicsol away from children and pets.

As SepticSol does not contain any harsh chemicals, including strong dyes, it will never stain your toilet.

Septicsol products can be used in municipal wastewater treatment. Our R&D team are available for special consultation and will work with large municipal and industrial wastewater systems, to develop a customized solution according to your needs. Please contact us ‘here’

Bacteria are safe until a temperature of 70oC. High temperature bacteria are known as thermophiles as they enjoy warmer temperatures.
Anti-bacterial chemicals at higher concentrations are obviously not good for bacteria and septic tanks but our formulation can tolerate moderate concentrations of soaps and cleaners.
There are literally tens of products available in the marketplace to treat septic tanks. Many use harsh chemicals and contain harmful compounds. Septicsol contains only naturally occurring DSL-listed (Canadian standard for environment and health) all-natural, biodegradable, environment friendly ingredients, to enhance the aerobic digestive efficiency of microorganisms. These have been specially formulated to be effective and efficient in odor control, waste degradation, effluent treatment and taking care of septic tanks, holding tanks for RVs, marine and portable toilets, cesspools, pump stations, sumps, and wastewater treatment.
SepticSol has a fragrant and pleasing scent – similar to dish detergents.
SepticSol is available in most retailers servicing RVs, boats, and residential septic systems.
SepticSol is manufactured using a unique, proprietary production method in Canada. This method was perfected over several years by a team of PhD scientists, led by our very own Dr. Bob. This method allows us to produce the enzymes and micro-organisms more cost effectively than anyone else on the market.
As SepticSol does not contain any harsh chemicals and contains only naturally occurring DSL-listed (Canadian standard for environment and health) all-natural, biodegradable, eco-friendly ingredients, it can safely be used by people with allergies or respiratory disorders. However, as with all cleaning products, keep all Septicsol products away from children and pets.