Alpha Cleantech Labs introduces “Septicsol-O” an Eco-Friendly, Plant-based Solution eliminating Odor

LANGLEY, BC, April 6, 2021 /CNW/ – Alpha Cleantech Labs announced the Launch of its unique Septicsol-O product that Supermarkets are quickly making shelf space by stocking up their shelves to offer to every household.

Alpha Cleantech Labs is extremely grateful and honoured to have its Septicsol-O product distributed through Canadian Tire Corporation, one of Canada’s most recognised Retail Chains with a network of 1,700 stores and gas bars that extend to literally every province and territory in Canada with revenues exceeding $14.5 Billion.

Septicsol-O is an advanced and Effective Odor Eliminator designed to attack Odor Causing Compounds directly at the source. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, it quickly neutralises Odor and Smell “Be Gone” within seconds of applying it. No Phosphates or Chlorine with no toxic and harmful chemicals and plant based deodorising ingredients. Just spray the product directly on the affected surface and witness the amazing results within seconds. There isn’t another product like it on the market.

Comes Ready-to-use and meant to handle stinky places such as Organic Green bins at home, Garbage Bins and Dumpsters, Composting Bins, Grease Traps, Household Toilets as well as Portable, Public and Chemical Toilets, Greywater, Blackwater and Wastewater tanks, Building and Condo Recycling areas, Pumps stations, etc. Can be used in your Car, Kitchen, Locker rooms and basically on most things that smell or produce Bad Odor.

Septicsol-O works on surface and water and designed and formulated so that every household can use one. Septicsol-O secret lies in the fact that it attacks the Odor causing Compounds and kills bad odor molecules like Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia and mercaptans, destroying them at the point of origination.

In addition to our Ready-to-use product for household use we also offer Septicsol-O in Industrial and Commercial versions as well.

About Alpha Cleantech Labs

At Alpha Cleantech Labs, we work hard to research and develop new ideas, products and technologies to promote sustainable, natural and healthy means of life. Our primary objective is to reduce, mitigate and eliminate the burden of toxic chemicals from the environment, and preserve the good health of our nature for future generations.

The Green Chemistry Division of Alpha Cleantech Labs also manufactures Septicsol L/R/D Eco-friendly products for Septic, RV and Marine Holding Tanks, Alpha Hand Sanitizer FDA and Health Canada approved, Disinfectants, Foaming Soap and the largest selection of Touch-less Dispensers along with Private Label.

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