About us

Our Mission is to solve many of the world’s waste problems with eco-friendly, naturally occurring enzymes and micro-organisms.

Our Mission

Septicsol was born over 10 years ago, when Dr. Bob, a world-renowned Canadian microbiologist with a specialty in natural enzymes, formulated a 100% eco-friendly septic and wastewater treatment.

best value

We believe SepticSol represents by far the best value for our customers, both in price and performance.

Our proprietary and cost effective manufacturing process, allows us to be the most price-competitive septic and holding tank treatment in the market.

Our unique, SepticSol formula contains bacteria and enzymes, selected after several years of research and field trials. These bacteria help in natural environmental cleanup.

Until now, SepticSol has only been available to select international clients in Europe and South America. Over the years, it has been proven to be so effective that due to enormous success and increasing demand, we at SepticSol have decided to make it available right here in North America.
What we do

Our team provides R&D, tech transfer, licensing, manufacturing, and consulting in areas of eco-friendly organic products and services for environmental, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.

Our team also works in close partnership with customers worldwide to formulate custom-made products exactly fitting their needs for numerous domestic and industrial applications.

Best Company

We are a passionate group of entrepreneurs led by a global leader in the field of micro-organisms and enzymes.

We do Best

Our mission is to revolutionize the way waste is treated all over the world

Great Work

Build the future in a way that contributes to people’s health and well-being for many generations to come.